The Effective Way to Resolve Legal Disputes

As a Newport Beach business mediator, we help clients who are confronting business litigation and other business disputes. Through our strategic legal guidance and skilled representation, we help businesses avoid costly and unnecessary litigation that only stands to damage the reputation and stability of the business. Clients have relied on the depth of experience of our lead attorney, Mr. Bordy, for more than 30 years due to his straightforward and client-focused approach.

Competently Handling All Business Issues through the Process of Mediation

Businesses must rely on relationships with business partners, other businesses, shareholders, clients and others. However, having so many relationships increases the likelihood that a dispute will arise atsome point. When litigation is threatened, the stability of the business can be put in jeopardy. Litigation is expensive and time consuming and can damage the reputation of the business. Even after a successful outcome, the business may have been too damaged to be fully repaired.

Mediation offers a more amicable and private way of resolving business disputes. By working with a skilled neutral mediator, the parties can identify their interests, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their position and understand the true cost and risk of litigation. During this process, the parties are encouraged to work together and brainstorm options to resolve their dispute in a way that is mutually satisfactory to all involved parties.

Some of the legal issues that we can successfully resolve through mediation include:

  • Breach of contract disputes – Businesses may run into issues due to non-payment, poor quality of goods or services or the failure of one of the parties to carry out a material term of the contract. We can explore options for modifying the contract, cancelling it or making adjustments so that the terms of the original contract are upheld.
  • Intellectual property disputes – If a party mismanages intellectual property or infringes on the rights of its owners, mediation can help privately resolve these issues, potentially resulting in monetary damages or licensing agreements.
  • Partnership dispute – Partners may disagree about the direction of the company or their roles in the company. Mediation can help the partners preserve their relationship or come up with ideas for a clean break.
  • Employment disputes – When a business is accused of discriminating against staff, wrongfully terminating an employee or failing to uphold its legal duties, an employee or governmental agency may take action against the employer. We can assist with these legal issues by having all key stakeholders involved in the process, working to reach mutual decisions.
  • Business dissolution – When a business closes, legal issues may arise, such as how to divide profits or handle unpaid debt. We can help business partners split amicably.

We also handle business bankruptcy issues, business torts, officer or director liability issues, collection matters and unfair competition cases through the private and effective mediation process.

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